Types of industry-university collaboration

We propose the most appropriate form of collaboration to meet the needs of companies.

The University has four types of collaboration between industry and academia: “Collaborative Research”, Contract Research”, “Social Collaboration Course”, and “Donation Course”.
We discuss in advance with the coordinator how best to determine the optimal form of collaboration depending on the purpose, period, and method of the research. There are a wide range of variations because in practice they are tailored to the circumstances of the individual studies. The IOI Organization mainly handles joint research and social collaboration courses. Depending on the content of consultations, we also provide information on contract research and endowment courses. Please feel free to contact the coordinator first.

Handling of intellectual property rights

The University of Tokyo Intellectual Property Policy

Contact the coordinator


Customize contracts individually for each need

The University of Tokyo has received over 3,000 joint research projects and contract research projects annually (in fiscal year 2014). The IOI Organization responds to a wide range of corporate needs, from searching for missing parts for corporate technologies to proposing innovation models and creating new businesses. Even if the research laboratories where the company wants to collaborate are not clear at this time, the coordinator will identify the potential needs of the company based on consultations and match them with a wide variety of researchers at the University of Tokyo. We will provide support with flexible coordination that responds to various forms of collaboration, from contract reviews to conclusion.

Please contact the coordinator first.
Contact form *Japanese version only*
E-mail : ioi-lia.adm(at)gs.mail.u-tokyo.ac.jp
* (at) to @.
Telephone :03-5841-7236 (expenses)
Consultation and matching with researchers
First, the coordinator listens to the details of the inquiries, discusses the target research and the form of collaboration, and invites you to meet the researcher. The specific details of collaboration will be discussed in face-to-face meetings with researchers.
Application for cooperation
Please submit an application for collaboration based on the content agreed upon during the face-to-face meetings.
Collaborative Research Application Form [Doc / PDF]
Consideration, consultation, and conclusion of collaboration agreements
We will discuss specific research details and conditions toward the conclusion of a research contract. The consultations are attended by expert advisors from the IOI Organization and can be customized to meet the needs of companies. As a result of sufficient consultation, the administrative departments to which the researchers belong conclude the contract based on agreement between the two parties.
Collaborative Research Agreement (Draft) [Doc / PDF]
Transfer of research expenses and commencement of research
Research funds will be transferred after the research contract is concluded. Once we have confirmed the payment, we will start research.
Research Completion and Reporting
Research results will be delivered upon completion.